General Info

General Info

Guys & Dolls Casting are a very professional agency that works to the highest possible standards and we expect the same from our Artistes.
Please have a read of the information below.

How We Contact You

All artistes should have a smart phone with email alerts in the interests of professionalism and obtaining work.

We send all of our jobs offers out by email as it means we can provide lots more information about the job. It's important to reply to these jobs offers quickly, please read our emails carefully and always check your diary before putting yourself forward a job.
On some occasions we will send you a text message or contact you by phone, we recommend you have a voicemail facility on your mobile.

Checking In for Job Details

When you are booked on a job through us you will be emailed a detailed briefing the business day before your job. You must always confirm you have read the briefing by clicking the link at the bottom of the email. Anyone who fails to confirm their briefing via the link may be replaced.


Clothes are the tools of your trade.
Unless specifically instructed, please do not turn up looking scruffy. Always appear well-groomed.
Please avoid white and red and anything brightly colourful or striped unless requested. We recommend all Artistes have a good variety of clothes.

Getting to your job

Punctuality is the absolute key to yours and our reputation. Your brief (that you will receive by email as mentioned above) will include information on how to get to your job but it’s your responsibility to get to the location time! Please read the information carefully and plan your journey well in advance.
If you are running late for whatever reason (even if it’s only 5 minutes) or there’s any other problem you must call us on our emergency mobile (outside office hours 9am – 6pm) or in the office. Both numbers can be found on the back of your Guys & Dolls photo ID card. We will then be able to call the Assistant Director and apologise on your behalf and inform them of your expected time of arrival and/or make necessary alternative arrangements.

Finding Locations

Please plan your journey in advance and allow enough time for traffic or train delays/cancellations.
Transport for London – Journey Planner
National Rail – Journey Planner
Google Maps –

Cancelling Jobs & No Shows

If you accept a job from us and then cancel, it makes us look very unprofessional as the production company will already have your details. Making late changes to jobs upsets the smooth running of a production and gives us and them stress and can lead to Agencies losing work. If you are booked for a job and then cancel it and we cannot find a suitable replacement you will have to pay us £15 plus VAT for each days work you have lost the agency; Artistes who take jobs then cancel will find it hard to do well with Guys & Dolls! If you fail to turn up for a job without notifying us you will be dropped from our books.

Conduct on Set

Your main point of contact on a job is the 2nd or 3rd Assistant Director. When meeting your AD please introduce yourself and show your G&D ID card. Remember, a smile goes a long way!
Please do not wander off as you could be needed at any time. Remember, there can be a lot of waiting around.
At wardrobe and hair & make up each department will check you over and if necessary make a note of any props and clothing you have been given.
Please note mobile phones, digital cameras and recording equipment is not permitted on or around set at any time.
Whether in a rehearsal or filming you need to remain alert as a particular sequence may be filmed a number of times from different angles. For this reason please remember your first position and what you have been told to do. Please keep noise to a minimum at all times unless otherwise instructed.

When using eVouchers (electronic chits) once you have been released you will be sent an eVoucher with your earnings within 24 hours of wrap and then you have a further 12 hours to dispute any discrepancies. Please keep a note of your finish time then you can then check your eVoucher when it comes through. If you think you’re due any additional payments please discuss it with the 3rd AD before you leave. This system makes it easier for everyone involved.
If the production are using paper chits this will need to be signed by an Assistant Director at the end of day before you leave set.

Please note that usually on commercials, pop promos, corporate videos and stills you will not be issued with a chit or e-voucher. Instead you will be asked to sign a release form. The production company will then tell us the hours that you have done but it’s advisable to keep your own record of this.

Drugs and Alcohol

During the day’s work, an Artiste must not consume any alcohol.
If any Artiste is seen with, or is believed to have taken any illegal drugs, they will be dropped from our books immediately.

Hanging Around

Sometimes during a shoot there can be a lot of hanging about between your times on set, it is a good idea to take a book.
If you are a person who cannot handle waiting around for long periods of time then this business is definitely not for you.

Other things to remember

1. Do not take a camera with you.
2. Do not go round asking for autographs.
3. Do not argue with any other Supporting Artistes or members of the production team. If you have a grievance, please don’t let it show, just call us, that’s what we’re here for.
4. Always make sure that mobile phones are switched off when on or near the set.
5. Do not attempt to start conversations with the Actors unless spoken to first.
6. All Supporting Artistes should keep a diary and carry it with them at all times so that you are aware of your availability when we contact you with work.
7. Please keep very quiet during shooting.
8. Do keep your Guys & Dolls ID card safe in your purse or wallet.
9. You will be expected to arrive at your location as early as 7am, so if you’re not one for getting out of bed very early in the morning, this is NOT the business for you.

We strongly suggest that you don’t stay out late the night before a job as production companies expect to people to arrive looking fresh.

Emergency Mobile (Outside of Office Hours)

This is the working Artistes emergency number. If you have any serious problems relating to the job and it is out of office hours, this is the number that you must call, leaving as much time as possible for us to make alternative arrangements if necessary. But please remember Artistes cancelling jobs is not something that is taken lightly by us.
You will find the emergency number on the back of your Guys & Dolls photo ID card.

Admin Fee

This fee covers all the administration work that goes into registering/re-registering you as an artiste with us. The admin fee is £85 + VAT and will be deducted from the first job you are paid from after registration/re-registration.
This fee will only be taken once for each 18 month registration period whilst you are still registered with Guys & Dolls and is non-refundable.

Process for getting paid

According to our Artistes, Guys & Dolls are the fastest paying agent in the industry, which is nice to know!
We always pay out directly as soon as we receive the payment from the production company.
All artistes must have a bank account as we only pay by BACS electronic transfer.
It is your responsibility to ensure your bank details are up-to-date on your profile. If you have any payment enquiries please only email [email protected]


Our commission rates are as follows:
Background 15% Features (TV & Film) 18%
Walk-on Commercials 18%, Photographic Work 18%
Parts 20%

Please remember you are not employed by Guys & Dolls, you are employed through us!
We do not stop tax from your earnings; it is your responsibility to inform the Inland Revenue