Troubleshooting Contact Information

Troubleshooting Contact Information

We operate a strict ‘no check in by telephone’ policy. The only time anyone should call us is if you get a missed call from us or an email, voice message or text asking you to call the office, or if you’re on set and there is a problem.

Obviously anyone having problems getting to a call please call our emergency number which is on the back of your G&D ID card. Please note the emergency number is for emergencies only!

For any accounts queries please email [email protected]

The email address that goes to all departments at Guys & Dolls is [email protected]

Any kind of enquiry like the ones below should be emailed:-

  • DBS Problems
  • Problems completing your new artist application.
  • Checking the status of a job or when you will receive call times, locations, wardrobe briefs etc
  • Mistakes pressing wrong tab when answering a job opportunity
  • Missing the deadline on a job offer
  • Photo uploading issues
  • All general enquiries
  • Letting us know you’ve had a hair cut etc

To contact your booker direct their email address will be their [email protected]