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Professional Artiste Area & Guide

Guys & Dolls Casting is renowned for its high-calibre artistes. As a Guys and Dolls professional artiste we're here to support you and help you win work. As a top professional, we expect you to follow our code of conduct and help to maintain our reputation.

On joining our books you'll receive a welcome pack, briefing, and following your professional photo shoot, and DBS check, a Guys and Dolls photo ID.

Our intakes are held twice a year in May and November. If successful you will be contacted a month before hand in April (for the May intake) or October (for the November intake). Once your profile is complete you do not need to do anything further.

Professional Artiste Profile

Your profile is your casting session! Log in keep your profile and availability up-to-date, check on recent work, payments and more. Fill in all sections to complete your profile, and once complete, the menu will turn green. This confirms you are available for casting.

Log in regularly to maintain your profile, and add photos, using your account email and password.

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Top Professional Supporting Artistes Guide

Here is a summary of the key things you need to know and do!

Contacting us

We're here to help you present yourself in the best way to casting director and win work. If you have any questions please email [email protected] as we operate a no checking-in by phone policy. Thank you.

Contacting you

All artistes must have a smart phone (ideally with a email and voice-mailbox) and email address to enable us to contact you quickly and help you win work. We also recommend you carry your diary to record and remember when you are available or booked.

We send most offers by email to provide you with detailed job information. Please read the email carefully and respond using the link asap if you are available or unavailable for the job as offers are usually on a first come first served basis. You will then pencil that date in your diary and wait for conformation of the booking, we will always let you know either way as soon as we can.

Booking and job briefing

If you are booked please always respond using the link at the bottom of the email to confirm your booking asap.

When you are booked on a job we will email a detailed job briefing the business day before your job (call). Please ensure you always confirm you have received your briefing using the link at the bottom of the email, that way we won’t have to chase you all evening. Please read the information carefully and plan your journey well in advance.

Cancellations or no shows

If you accept a job from us and then cancel, it makes us look very unprofessional as the production company will already have your details. Making late changes to jobs upsets the smooth running of a production, creates stress and can lead to lost work for the Agency. If you are booked for a job and then cancel it or fail to turn up for a job and we cannot find a suitable replacement you will have to pay us £15 plus VAT for each day of work you lose the agency. Artistes who accept bookings and cancel or fail to show are unwelcome at Guys & Dolls.

On occasion, production companies may reschedule shoots (calls). They are contractually able to do this up until 12.00pm the day before a shoot.

Checking in on set

Keeping a production crew waiting causes immense cost and stress. Thus, punctuality is vital to your and our reputation. The brief (mentioned above) will include information on how to get to your job but it’s your responsibility to get to the location for the call time! Some calls also start very early in the morning or late at night so if you are not willing to be an early bird or night owl this may not be the business for you. Please make sure you get 7-8 hours sleep before a shoot so you go to work bright-eyed and bushy tailed.

If you are running late for whatever reason (even if it’s only 5 minutes) or there’s any other problem you must call us on our emergency mobile (outside office hours 9am – 6pm) or in the office. Both numbers can be found on the back of your Guys & Dolls photo ID card. We will then be able to call the Assistant Director and apologise on your behalf and inform them of your expected time of arrival and/or make necessary alternative arrangements.

Costumes, hair and make-up

Clothes or costumes are the tools of your trade. Also your hair, so it's vital your profile photos are always up-to-date!

Always appear well-groomed. Unless specifically instructed, please do not turn up looking scruffy. Also avoid white, red and anything brightly colourful, striped or too much black unless requested. We recommend all artistes have a smart business outfit.

On occasion you may be called to a costume fitting, or for a haircut, and for which you will be paid. Please keep the measurements in your professional profile up-to-date as sometimes costumes are only available for specific sizes. The same guidelines apply to attending costume fittings. Be punctual as costume depts. also work to tight schedules.

We recommend that you prepare your clothes and lay them out the day before the call.

Disclosure Certificate

In order to work with Guys & Dolls you will need to have a valid disclosure certificate issued within 18 months, we also accept the automatic online update service disclosures. To apply for a basic disclosure go to Once you receive your new certificate please take a clear, readable scan or photo and upload it to your profile so we can approve it for you.

Finding and getting to shoot locations; be punctual

Shoot locations will be emailed before the call. Please plan your journey in advance, expect traffic or train delays/cancellations, and allow at least 30 minutes extra time. Do not solely rely on your satellite navigation.

Transport for London – Journey Planner
National Rail – Journey Planner
Google Maps –

Management fees

Guys & Dolls fees are the lowest of all the major agents in this industry!

Our fees cover all the work that goes into registering you as an artiste, as well as marketing you to production companies, and supporting you. The admin fee is £85 plus VAT per 18 months and will be deducted from your first payment after registration/re-registration.

Fees are non-refundable. Remittances are only emailed to the email addresses provided and loaded to your Artiste area profile.

On-set etiquette; the key to more work

Film sets are busy places; filming involves complex logistics, security, long work days, hanging around, and sometimes stress. You can help by being easy to work with.

Mobile phones, digital cameras and recording equipment are strictly prohibited on or around set. Switch phones off when near a set. These are contractual obligations for all film work.
Your main point of contact on a job is the 2nd Assistant Director. When meeting your 2nd AD or a member of the team be friendly, polite, respectful and always take direction.

On arrival introduce yourself in a friendly manner. “Hello, my name is ………., I’m from Guys & Dolls, what would you like me to do first?” Remember, a smile goes a long way!
Wardrobe, hair and make-up departments may also check you over. It's helpful to make a note of any props and clothing you have been given as a double-check to avoid continuity errors.

Whether in a rehearsal or filming, remain alert as a particular sequence may be filmed a number of times from different angles. For this reason, remember to return promptly to your first position and do exactly what you have been told to do, give 100%, do not over-act, seek excessive direction or try to demonstrate that you know how to do the director's job. Remember you are in a crowd not the lead actor. Please also keep noise to a minimum at all times unless otherwise instructed.

There can be a lot of hanging about between shoots and your time on set as it takes time to set up new shots. Remember, when the Director and crew are ready to shoot, they will wish to do so immediately. So please do not wander off as you could be needed at any time. We therefore suggest taking a good book and wearing warm underclothes in cold weather. If you are a person who cannot handle waiting around for long periods of time then this business is not for you.

Throughout the shoot do not ask for autographs or engage in conversation with actors unless they speak to you first. They are at work and need to focus on the task at hand.

Drugs and alcohol: During the day’s work, you must not consume any alcohol or drugs. Anyone seen with, or believed to have taken any illegal drugs, will be dropped from our books immediately.

At the end of the day your salary voucher (chit) needs to be signed off by an Assistant Director. Alternatively, if the client is using our Extras Manager to check you onto and off set (using E-Vouchers) you will have 12 hours after receiving your E-Voucher Summary to contact the office in the event of discrepancies. Please be patient and treat the crew with the respect.


Please note that chits or e-vouchers are rarely issued on commercials, pop promos, corporate videos and still photo shoots. Instead you will be asked to sign a release form. The production company will then tell us the hours that you have worked, though please keep your own records.

Photo identity cards

Please carry your Guys & Dolls Photo ID when travelling to or on set. You will find this has our emergency number on the back. On occasion, some productions may also issue their own photo IDs.

Problems (Emergency mobile – Outside office hours)

If you have any serious problems whilst on set please call the office on 020 8906 4144, any minor issues please email [email protected]. That’s what we’re here for. In particular to avoid any argument with other supporting artistes or crew members.

If you have any serious problems relating to the job and it is out of office hours, call our emergency phone number. You will find the emergency number on the back of your Guys & Dolls photo ID card. Please leave as much time as possible for us to make alternative arrangements if necessary. But please remember Artistes cancelling jobs is not something that is taken lightly by us.

Tax and national insurance

Professional supporting artistes are self-employed, and contracted via Guys & Dolls, rather than employed by us. You will receive earnings before any deductions for tax or national insurance. It is your responsibility to file tax returns to HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs). You can register for a Unique Tax Payer reference and account here.