Become An Artiste

Become An Artiste

Become An Artiste with Guys & Dolls Casting

Please read this information carefully and decide whether you have what it takes to become an Artiste with Guys & Dolls.

If you have any technical problems in completing your application do use the Contact Us form to let us know.

Minimum Professional Standards

Guys & Dolls has an outstanding reputation in the industry for the excellent punctuality and professionalism of its Artistes. Our website only has top professional Artistes who are friendly, helpful and work to the highest possible standards. We make it our policy to always call the Assistant Director the next day following a job to check how it went.

Without doubt, poor timekeeping is the biggest single reason for agencies to lose work and often it only takes one bad timekeeper to spoil the relationship for all other Artistes. The message is to expect traffic jams, train delays or bad weather conditions and leave early enough to overcome these difficulties.

Guys & Dolls have never been called by an Assistant Director to complain that an Artiste has arrived too early!

Below are just a few of the qualities required to be a successful member of our team. Those who fail to adhere to our high standards are quickly dropped from our books and while this may seem harsh, it is a necessary measure to ensure that our excellent reputation is upheld.

· Able to start work very early morning

· Good Time-Keeper

· Helpful

· Polite

· Friendly

· 100% Professional Attitude

· Reliable

· Enthusiastic

· Able to work as a team

· Ability to find your way around London and the South-East

How do I register to become an Artiste with Guys & Dolls?

We are looking for a very high calibre of candidates to join our agency and only those who can meet our high standards of professionalism and timekeeping will be considered.

To register with Guys & Dolls, Artistes must have the following:

· A mobile phone

· An email address

· A National Insurance number

· A bank account ( we only pay by BACS electronic transfer)

· Good availability

· The right to work in the UK

· Fluent in the English language

If you feel you can meet our high standards please complete an application.

Please only apply if you have good availability. We do not accept applicants with full time jobs.

Please do not send any applications by post.

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