Casting through Guys & Dolls

Casting through Guys & Dolls

As an Assistant Director or production company there’s a wide choice of casting agencies at your disposal, so why use Guys & Dolls?

· All of our artistes are trained actors, professional Supporting Artistes, models, dancers, singers or musicians.

· We can ensure all of our artistes have a valid DBS/Disclosure Certificate issued within the last 18 months.

· All artistes have professional photos which are replaced every 18 months.

· All Guys & Dolls artistes carry a Guys & Dolls photo ID card which they will show to security when entering the studios, unit bases and to production staff when requested.

· We have the best reputation in this industry for punctuality. Thanks to our adherence to a very strict timekeeping policy and the professionalism of the Artistes we provide, you can always rely on us.

· We are available 24 hours a day through our mobile service – one of our dedicated bookers will always be available to help out where needed. We are setting new standards for the good treatment of our Artistes; regular communication, a ‘human’ face and the fastest payments in this industry. Our good relationship with our artistes means an excellent relationship with you.

· We have a state of the art booking system which is second to none and one of the country’s leading IT companies behind us who will keep us at the cutting edge of new technology.

· We’re experts at casting tricky specifics.

· We understand your priorities; the need for total professionalism, impeccable timekeeping and the best possible service from our office team.

· We ensure all of our artistes are legally allowed to work in the UK and provide the relevant documentation.

· Established in 2000, our office team have over 60 years’ experience in this industry.

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